Final Grade

Posted: May 9, 2012 by lynndts403 in Uncategorized

Hey guys,

is it just me or is our final grade not out on ROSI yet? Im getting a little worried because its already May. So please let me know if we are all in the same situation ( I have fears that my paper got lost in oblivion…) Anyhow, have a great summer guys!


  1. tupakkat says:

    Hey Lynn,

    the grades are up on blackboard. There is nothing on Rosi yet and I have another course in which the grades aren’t up either, so it seems to be normal. Does anyone know when we can get the paper back?


  2. lynndts403 says:

    Thanks Katja! I hope he posts them up soon so I can rent a gown and graduate!

  3. aresjoseph says:

    Yes, I also noticed that our marks are not up on blackboard as yet.

  4. mitsar says:

    You can rent your gown and order grad pictures even if all your grades aren`t up no problem!

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