Penny for thoughts

Posted: May 6, 2012 by mahmerkhan in Uncategorized

Hey! I hope you are well and enjoying the time off school. If any of you have heard the Canadian penny is being scrapped. The Canadian Mint just pressed the last penny on Thursday (or Wednesday, in the last few days to be exact). The penny no longer is in circulation and people are already starting to hoard and hold on to this “icon.” A museum in Halifax displays a million pennies in a big pile on the floor. They are physically swept together and put on “display”. Now they are starting to fear that people might steal these pennies. The penny is being scrapped because the amount it costs to produce the penny is higher than the penny itself…not only this but the penny is not being circulated back into the economy which makes it a waste. Its pretty crazy that the penny is being scrapped. The saying “penny for your thoughts” “I paid a pretty penny for that” it’ll be a relic. What do you all think? Also we all meet for dinner or coffee. Let me know, it would be nice to see all of you! Ciao Ciao. 

  1. lilzak says:

    Hi guys! I think the penny can go. I find it interesting that the phases “penny for your thought”, “I paid a pretty penny for that” will officially become a part of language history. Since the following generations will no longer use or know what a penny is, they will be asking about these phrases and their meaning they will either ask us or look it up. That is interesting to me.


  2. lilzak says:

    A meeting is fine when it’s warmer Ahmer. Ciao.


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