I have the news for a you!

Posted: April 12, 2012 by mahmerkhan in Uncategorized

Alright folks, my blog is up and running check it out. I have seen some of yours and they are pretty awesome. My essay was on the Djembe. I got news that there will be a performance tomorrow at 11 pm and its going to be hot wicked awesome. It involves three master players, it will be a show stopper. If you like world music or West African performances, this one is for you. Let me know if anyone wants to go we can make it a group thing.

Greetings djembefola,

We have a very exciting event planned for tomorrow night – Billy Nankouma Konate is in town very briefly, and he will be performing with Amara Kante and Amadou Kienou tomorrow evening (Friday, April 13) at approximately 11:00 pm, at 1591 Dundas St. W – to enter, go down the alley beside the Lula Lounge and through the gates on the right. Admission $10.
Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to see three world-class masters play together!
Hope to see you all there.
Also, just a quick reminder – the early registration deadline for the Grand Masters tour is TOMORROW, so get your registrations in by then to take advantage of the discounted workshop rates and secure your spot. Workshops are filling up fast!

Bolokelen Malinke Percussion
• Performances, demonstrations, Significant Events
• West African Djembe & Dunun classes & workshops
•  Beginners through Advanced, Youth & Adult
Anna Melnikoff, Artistic Director/Instructor
email: bolokelen@gmail.com

  1. lilzak says:

    Sorry Ahmer, Sounds like fun but I can’t make it, I’m sick, allergies.

  2. jnnice says:

    aw, Mahmer, oops! Ahmer, hehe! Unfortunately I can’t make it because of an essay I have to submit by Monday!! Really sorry for turning it down 😦 hope you can enjoy all the way! -JEnnice

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