Follow up (brief, very brief)

Posted: April 4, 2012 by jnnice in Uncategorized

So, I would have regret if I didn’t go to the ‘last supper’ 😀  Although I was feeling not good, as I talking out and laughed a lot, I feel I gained the energy even more! (I mean, my friends can’t make nice jokes on DTS – and don’t like when I’m trying hahaha)

Those who could not be with us, we will have another gathering like this for sure during the summer 🙂

I might not be on Facebook, so I was thinking maybe this blog can be going on, off-class ? (As I noticed last year’s class blog still existing…) The comments or posts will be sent to the e-mails (at least mine does) so if anyone is organizing anything, let’s post those on here as well !

Cheers, Best wishes, Good lucks, lots of love, blessings, and HAPPY SUMMER!!!


  1. I enjoyed it too Jennice! Thanks for sharing your wonderful laughter with all of us!
    We should definitely continue this!

  2. lilzak says:

    Yes, we had a great time. We should definitely do it again. Hope you’re feeling better Jennice.


    Geraldine (lilzak)

  3. tupakkat says:

    So sorry I could not join you guys, it sounds you’ve had a wonderful time! Hopefully next time and that’s a good idea, Jennice let’s keep up this blog.
    Hope to see you guys soon


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