Homes and Facebook

Posted: March 24, 2012 by mitsar in Uncategorized

Hi everyone, this is bit of a personal post, but I thought I would share it with you.

Years ago a friend of mine who lived in Toronto started a facebook group about the house he lived in. He lived there for 6 years and many friends moved in and out over that time. We had some great parties and get togethers and when our friends moved out people started posting pictures and memories on the group. Well 4 years later the group is still going strong with 82 members (including a woman whose family owned the house from the early 1900s til the mid 90s) and has been featured in a globe and mail article about using social media to remember and pay homage to houses and neighborhoods in Toronto.

All this semester we’ve been talking about objects and their stories. What object has more story than a house? Anyway enjoy the article, see you all next week!
Feel free to even check out the group, the link is in the article. There are pictures from recent times and even some old ones dating back to the 20s! (Disclaimer: there are a bunch of party pictures including ones from drag queen pagents and other late night revelries.)

Here’s the link:

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