Wouldn’t this be so?

Posted: February 29, 2012 by mahmerkhan in Uncategorized

I was thinking if Khat is out of context and it’s misinterpreted…wouldn’t it then be true that a person out of their homeland is essentially out of context? The same way how the larger host nation plays a role on khat also plays a role on the person. A Somali man in Somalia is just that (actually he is a native), but a Somali man in London or Toronto is a person out of the ordinary…right? I am not trying to objectify the diasporic person or people but I am trying to relate what we are learning about objects, can in some ways, be applied and related to people no? Khat is viewed in a way that is out of context in the Western World. Wouldn’t this be the same kind of “out-of-context”ness be true for the many diasporas? I want to bring back to ‘setting’ someway somehow. See you in class…in context!

  1. tupakkat says:

    Hey Ahmer,

    interesting thought … I think you can draw that analogy, without saying that a person or a thing shouldn’t be anywhere where they are “out of context”.

    Like an object, it takes a person time to build a personal history within the new environment, to build their own little tradition and history. The more you build of that, the more you create your own context, the less you feel out of place.

    And it works for future generations because you build a material environment, like a house and a family – it may sound odd in this context to speak of family as “material” but what I mean is more than just a feeling, an emotion: something you can touch, a place you can go to and be at home and that’s what family is in a very material sense. You have more physical space you relate to if you have aunts and uncles living in different parts of the city. And if, for example, you relate Scarborough to your aunt, then you “own” a piece of Scarborough, you link feelings and events to it, it is part of your own personal family history. You create a context and become at home.

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