Object Social/Cultural Context

Posted: February 10, 2012 by lilzak in Uncategorized

The African Wax-print textile is a study in authenticity. Its origins although not African but European and Asian have become known as an ‘African’ fabric and thus have taken on what many especially in the West perceive it to be African. It was first introduced and sold in Africa largely by female sellers. Today it is sold in Britain and America to the African diaspora as authentic African fabric.


It is used as clothing and as decoration of home and furniture and also as a way to identify with Africa. In Africa it is used mostly for clothing and the only one accepted by Africans are the original European/Asian designs as oppose to the ones produced in China today. They consider the Chinese made cloth of lesser quality.


The use of it varies with audience in that the Americans and British use it as a signifier of African identity and continental Africans use it for its affordability. Therefore, in the West it conveys more meaning on a psychological level than with the Africans themselves.

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