Expanding on Jenice’s point

Posted: February 1, 2012 by mahmerkhan in Uncategorized


I’d like to expand on what Jenice said today about a friend giving their last 20 dollar bill to some one who needs it. If we look at some businesses behind the counter there are sometimes paper money taped to the wall. Sometimes Goodluck is written on it other times it’s just a plane note. That’s a prime example of going from a commodity to a singularity. Something that can be traded for whatever(goods, investment, loan sharking) has turned into an object of endearment and value. Another interesting phenomenon, regarding currency, is the Palestinian Pound(£). It’s value has gone through the roof because it’s a symbol of attachment, a symbol of home, a source of resistance. It’s more than just a paper bill. It is one of the most demanded currencies for currency collectors. It’s been out of circulation and it’s been given emotional attachment. Not only do Palestinians want it but so do these currency collectors. All this drives the value of the currency higher. Its interesting how things turn out to be more than things…eventually one day they might remove the twoonie from circulation and then were going to give our children’s children this coin that symbolizes so much more than just a twoonie. For most of us, It symbolized the difference between having a double double or breaking a five at the timmies. Right?

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